The Bruery Guava Libre! Imperial Cream Ale 750ml

The Bruery Guava Libre! Imperial Cream Ale 750ml

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This sensory getaway transports you to a corner bodega with our friends at Funky Buddha in South Florida to recreate the flavors you'd find in a Cuban guava pastry. Championing the big, bold flavors that both of our breweries are known for, we brewed an imperial cream ale, adding lactose and vanilla to impart sweet, custard-like ribbons, and guava for filling its conceptual authenticity. It's a collaboration that's equal parts inspiration and admiration. Food pairing: Fried yucca patties, papas rellenas, shrimp empanadas, a Cuban guava pastry. Starting a small business in an unassuming location off a highway.
Category Ale
Region California, South Coast
Brand The Bruery
Alcohol/vol 7.5%