Little Book Chapter 2 Noe Simple Task 2018

Little Book Chapter 2 Noe Simple Task 2018

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Little Book Chapter 2: Noe Simple Task. True to its name, creating the second Little Book release was no walk in the park. Recipe after recipe, it tested Freddie's skills as a blender. But this was no sophomore slump. Freddie had a vision. He rolled up his sleeves and set to getting it right. And around the 34th attempt, he found what he was looking for. A well-rounded, balanced blend of Kentucky and Canadian whiskeys. Proof, that hard work always pays off.

COLOR : Golden Amber
AROMA : Caramel with soft spice and dried fruit notes
TASTE : Full bodied blend of seasoned Oak, spice and vanilla notes with hints of cinnamon
FINISH : Slightly lingering with a warm spice finish

Category Rye
Region United States, Kentucky
Brand Little Book